Sunday, October 25, 2009

Agent A & Omae - Symphony Leaf // miglotse records

This album was made by a user on GameFAQs, where he made a topic to his internet record label's blog. I really hesitated before I downloaded it because I thought 'How good could a free album by a kid on gamefaqs and his friend be amazing?' Well I'm glad I did hesitate because it lowered my expectations and made it all the more great when I finally listened to it. DOWNLOAD THIS. It deserves to be heard. The album has a folky electronica sound, yeah, folktronica. I don't understand a lot of the lyrics yet but the ones I do understand are pondering. Also the vocals are great. The album is completely free, so you don't have to delete it ever!

Favourite Tracks - Atlantis, Symphony Leaf, Rain Jacket, See the Ghost, Hit the Earth

(click the piggy art to download)

So the guy who made this also started an internet collective of artists from GameFAQs (and a few elsewhere) called miglotse records, check out the other artists' stuff, though some of it is not my style, you might find something you like!


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